After I was married birth control became an issue when I had my fifth child in eight years.  I could see that my emotional and physical health would be better served if I limited the number of children we would be able to responsibly care for and rear. 

As the years have passed and I have grown in maturity, made mistakes and I think learned from them.  Some were wise choices and some were not, but I think in reflecting on them I was able to grow as an individual and in my relationship with God.  I continue to find many issues that cause me to question because the Church at this point in history seems more concerned with following rules and making judgments rather that being compassionate.  Why would a priest or minister of communion be put into the role of judging who could and who could not receive?  Why would one whole group of people in our society be looked upon as disordered?  Why are some theologians silenced or their words devalued without any true dialogue? Why have women been relegated to such a minor role in the church?  Why didn’t we pastorally lead the way in responding to victims of pedophilia rather than trying to protect ourselves from law suits?  Where was our sense of outrage when the women religious were exposed to the investigation/evaluation from Rome?  As you can see, I have more questions than I have answers. – HB