There are many ways the Roman Catholic Church has used to push Catholics into the  margins.  One of these is to use the Sacrament of Communion to single out those whom it sees as particularly undesirable. 

Recently we read of an incident in Gaithersburg, Maryland where a priest aimed his arrogance at a lesbian.  As the woman approached to receive, the priest denied her Communion by putting put his hand over the chalice – at her mother's funeral! 

Several years ago, during the 2004 presidential campaign, Democratic candidate John Kerry, while campaigning in Missouri, was refused Communion because of his position as a pro-choice supporter.  And what may happen to Joe Biden now that he's public about his support for gay marriage?  

I am part of a Catholic community in Santa Barbara presided over by an ordained Roman Catholic womanpriest. A member of our church was refused Communion at another local church because of her affiliation with us.  It happened again just last week. When the Communicant stepped up to receive, the priest lowered the host.  And then there are divorced Catholics who are often made to feel guilty and marginalized; many don't think they can even enter a Catholic church, much less be offered Communion.      

Those who hold a pro-choice position, gays, supporters of women's ordination, the divorced. What will be the next egregious “offense” the Church will find to put itself between a communicant and God? 

To receive the Sacrament of Communion is an intimate and tangible moment of the coming together of the human and the divine.  Our Creator invites all of us to come to the table and receive new life.  A Catholic priest is called to serve all, including those who have been forced to the margins by ignorance and arrogance. – KD